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Hospitalist Program

Continuity of care both within the hospital walls and beyond creates improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. IMC understands the major challenges facing hospitals regarding inpatient medicine and delivers solutions for enhancing quality of care while eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies across the hospital.

Our team of hospital-based physicians collaborate with clinical specialists, nurses, and other clinical professionals to deliver enhanced patient care and streamlined communications.

We all share the same goal – safe, effective patient care and enhanced outcomes.

Employment opportunities available. Please contact us at 504-456-9199 or Connect With Us.

Chief Medical Officer

Ricardo Febry, MSc, MD, NBPAS Certified
Ricardo Febry, MSc, MD NBPAS Certified


Maerin Laskie, MD, ABFM Certified
Maerin Laskey, MD ABFM Certified
Derek Naccari, MD, ABIM Certified
Derek Naccari, MD ABIM Certified
Matthew Northrop, MD, ABIM Certified
Matthew Northrop, MD ABIM Certified
Curtis Powell, MD, ABIM Certified
Curtis Prowell, MD ABIM Certified
Elena Rada, MD, ABIM Certified
Elena Rada, MD ABIM Certified

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